Using the Library

What is the public library?

We help you find books, use computers, and learn information for free. You may take things home and use them there, but you need to bring them back to the library. You will need a library card to do that. Library cards are free if you live in Sioux Falls or Minnehaha County (except Dell Rapids.)

How do I get a library card?

  • Bring photo identification (Examples: driver’s license, passport, green card)
  • Bring proof of your address (Examples: Mail in an envelope that someone sent you, a lease agreement)
  • Ask a librarian to help you

What can I use?

  • Books
  • Movies/TV Shows
  • Magazines
  • Board Games
  • Music CDs
  • Children’s toys

How long can I use them?

Books, Magazines, Board Games, Music CDs, Children’s Toys, Movies: 3 weeks

New movies: 3 days

What language books can I use?

We have many books written in Spanish, written in Russian, and that teach English.

What happens if I do not bring things back?

You need to pay for things that you do not bring back.

What else can I do at the library?

  • Use free computers
  • Print and copy (Black and White $0.10 per page, Color $0.25 per page)
  • Fax ($0.25 per page US & Canada, $1.00 per page International)
  • Scan
  • Download books and movies to your device
  • Buy earbuds ($1.00)

When are you open?

What library is closest to me?


The American Dream Literacy Initiative, a grant offering of the American Library Association, is made possible by the Dollar General Literacy Foundation. All translations were paid for by this initiative.