She Doesn't Drink Coffee... But I Still Love Her

Published on April 30, 2024

Kara and her daughter are wearing coordinating Gilmore Girls t-shirts, with mugs in their hands.

Books to read as a family

By Kara V.

A couple of years ago, my husband and I went to California. While we were visiting, we decided to tour Warner Brothers Studio. Warner Brothers produced the DC Comics movies, The Big Bang Theory, and Friends. That was cool. However, the highlight of my visit was seeing where Rory was hit by a deer in Gilmore Girls. The Gilmore Girls TV show is a go-to for me. No matter how I feel, it is sure to strike the right mood. I saved my souvenir buying for this one visit. I came home with matching t-shirts for my daughter and me. She’s a teenager. She humors me.   

I was never one to dress my family in matching outfits or have them match me. For those of you that can get your family to agree to that, I commend you. Mine would never go for it. This shirt might be the first time. However, despite not dressing alike, what my kiddo and I both do is read. A lot. She is getting old enough to read some of the same books as me, or at least books I read when I was her age.  It's bliss when she talks to me about her stories, or just sits next to me in silence as we both devour our fictional worlds. She curls up with her blanket and tea, I curl up with my blanket and coffee, and we enjoy each other’s company. Sometimes we take our reading outside the house and to a coffee shop; in these moments, I find myself comparing us to Rory and Lorelai Gilmore. My kiddo may not drink coffee while reading, but I still love her.   

If you don’t dress alike but want to read alike, add these titles to your family TBR.   


Born a Crime by Trevor NoahIt's Trevor Noah: Born a Crime, adapted for young readersLiving in South Africa by Chloe Perkins

Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood by Trevor Noah  
It’s Trevor Noah:  Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood by Trevor Noah (Teen)  
Living in South Africa by Chloe Perkins (Easy Reader)  
Trevor Noah tells a candid story about his life growing up as a biracial child in South Africa. His book will engage adults and teens. To introduce your younger family members to South Africa, try the easy reader Living in South Africa.  


Being Heumann by Judith Heumann with Kristen JoinerRolling Warrior by Judith Heumann with Kristen JoinerFighting for Yes! by Maryann Cocca-Leffler

Being Heumann: an Unrepentant Memoir of a Disability Activist by Judith Heumann   
Rolling Warrior by Judith Heumann (Children)  
Fighting for Yes! by Maryann Coco-Leffler (Picture Book)   
Everyone in the family can enjoy learning about the life, commitment, and dedication of Judith Heumann. Heumann was an activist for disability rights and spoke up during the disability rights movement in 1973, advocating for the implementation of the 504 plan that would allow students with disabilities to receive support in a regular classroom.


The Code Breaker by Walter IsaacsonThe Code Breaker by Walter Isaacson, adapted for young readersGrow: Secrets of Our DNA by Nicola Davies

The Code Breaker: Jennifer Doudna, Gene Editing and the Future of the Human Race by Walter Isaacson    
The Code Breaker: Jennifer Doudna and the Race to Understand Our Genetic Code by Walter Isaacson (Children)   
Grow: Secrets of Our DNA by Nicola Davies (Picture Book)   
Three books all about our DNA and the makeup of our code. From a scientist who worked on CRISPR to simple definitions for early learners, all three books are great for the family.   


Along Came a Spider: an Alex Cross Thriller by James PattersonAli Cross by James PattersonTreasure Hunters by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein

Alex Cross series by James Patterson   
Ali Cross series by James Patterson (Middle Reader)  
The Treasure Hunter series by James Patterson (Children)   
All ages can read a James Patterson. Adventure is sure to be found in his Alex Cross series, Ali Cross series and the Treasure Hunters series.   


The Firm by John GrishamTheodore Boone: Kid Lawyer by John GrishamSpy School by Stuart Gibbs

The Firm by John Grisham   
Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer series by John Grisham (Middle Reader)  
Spy School series by Stewart Gibbs (Children)  
Grisham and Gibbs know how to write characters that uncover the truth and stand up for what is right. Expect a novel that is action packed.  


House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J. MaasThrone of Glass by Sarah J. Maas Eva the Enchanted Ball Fairy, book in the Rainbow Magic: Princess Fairies series
Cresent City series by Sarah J. Maas  
Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas (Teen)  
Rainbow Magic Princess Fairies series by Daisy Meadows (Children)   
The family can escape into the land of fairies! Enjoy cuddling in together and immersing yourself in a fantasy world designed by Maas and/or Meadows.   


Kara peeks over the edge of House of Flame and Shadow, and her daughter peeks over the edge of Empire of Storms. Both books are by Sarah J. Maas.