Art at the Library

The Library is a public institution visited by people of all ages. Therefore, works selected for exhibit need to be appropriate for all ages and in keeping with the Library’s role as a public institution. The Library has the final decision on the arrangement and selection of all exhibits and displays.

Displays usually last for two months and occasionally one month. We have two walls to utilize (both pictured below): one approximately 20.5 ft. wide and the other approximately 15 ft. wide. Both walls should be used in exhibits. Our hanging system uses movable rods with hooks to hang the art. Due to the nature of the hanging system, we recommend each piece be at least ten inches in height.


Art Wall 1.jpg

(West art wall; approximately 20.5 ft. wide)

Art Wall 2.jpg

(East art wall; approximately 15 ft. wide)

Also available to use is a small glass display case (optional) by our southeast fireplaces. The case has two shelves, both approximately 13 inches in height.

Art Case.jpg

(Glass art case; two shelves both approximately 13 in. in height)

Purchasing information may be displayed if pieces are for sale. Library staff will direct any customers interested in buying an art piece to contact the exhibitor.

The library does not carry insurance that covers exhibited items; we encourage exhibitors to contact their own insurance carrier regarding their materials’ coverage. Read our full Display Policy

If interested in exhibiting at the Downtown Library, please email or call 605-367-8700.

Past artists include: Shaine Schroeder, Mavis Wolfgram, The Great Plains Watercolor Society, Leah Simmons, Jessie Rasche, Joan Putman, Karen Kinder, Stephen Randall, Siouxland Libraries staff members, teen art contest participants, and many more!