Expanded Access

Get an Expanded Access card to visit branches before and after staffed operating hours! Expanded Access hours* are 8 a.m.-9 p.m.

Expanded Access Branches:

  • Baltic
  • Colton
  • Crooks
  • Garretson
  • Hartford
  • Humboldt

To enroll in Expanded Access, you need to:

  • have a current library account in good standing
  • register for the expanded access entry card
  • be 18 years of age or older
  • sign a policy form and complete an orientation provided by the librarian
  • show valid ID

To register for the Expanded Access entry card, staff must assist you. Please visit the Baltic, Brandon, Colton, Crooks, Garretson, Hartford, or Humboldt branches during their staffed open hours. 

By registering for Expanded Access, customers acknowledge and agree to the following terms of acceptable use. Any violation may result in the customer losing Expanded Access privileges as well as possible fines and legal consequences.

  • Customers who have opted-in to Expanded Access will only use their own Expanded Access card to gain entry.
  • Customers who have not opted-in are not permitted to use library services or facilities during Expanded Access hours.
  • Security cameras monitor the use of the facility.
  • If announcements are made during the course of Expanded Access hours, all customers agree to comply with any directions given in the announcement.

All library policies are in effect during Expanded Access hours, including the library’s Rules of Conduct and the Computer, Internet and Wireless Access Policy.

Once registered, customers have self-service access to computers, printing, materials selection, check-out, and holds pickup during Expanded Access hours. 


*This service is not available on Library Board-approved holidays.


What is Expanded Access?

Expanded Access is an additional card that provides self-service access to some Siouxland Libraries branches outside of staffed open hours.Members use their Expanded Access card to unlock the library. Expanded Access does not replace or reduce staffed hours. Instead, it gives our community more opportunities to use the library when it works best for them. Currently, it is only available in the following branches: Baltic, Colton, Crooks, Garretson, Hartford, and Humboldt.

How does Expanded Access work?

First, customers sign up to get an Expanded Access card in addition to their library card. When members visit outside of staffed hours, they scan their Expanded Access card over the keypad near the entrance and enter their PIN to unlock the door. Once inside, they can freely use in-library resources and self-service equipment, such as self-checkout machines, computers, printers, copiers, or play spaces. Each time they exit the building, they must swipe their card on the inside badge reader to let the system know the building is empty and the lights can be turned off automatically.

How does a person sign up?

Customers can sign up for Expanded Access at Baltic, Brandon Community Library, Colton, Crooks, Garretson, Hartford and Humboldt branches during staffed hours. A librarian will help you with the signup form and key access.

Who can sign up for and use Expanded Access?

Any Siouxland Libraries cardholder in good standing aged 18 and older can sign up for Expanded Access membership.

Do library users have to pay to use this service?

No, Expanded Access membership is free for all cardholders aged 18 and older.


Can an Expanded Access member bring guests or family members, such as children?

Yes, and they assume responsibility for their guests per established library policies and their Expanded AccessMembership Agreement. All youth ages 0-17 must be accompanied and supervised by an enrolled adult during Expanded Access hours, no exceptions.

How will the library be safe when staff aren't there?

Maintaining safety and cleanliness is our top priority. Cameras are installed throughout the library to monitor activity. Customers will undergo brief training with staff and sign an Expanded Access agreement to acknowledge their responsibilities in keeping the space safe and tidy for all users. We have also communicated with local law enforcement to ensure they're aware of the service in the rare case of an emergency.

How do customers report feedback or problems?

We have several processes in place to help customers report technology issues, space problems, or other concerns.  

In the event of an emergency, please call 911.  

Our Expanded Access Feedback Form is available at our branches and online.  

For issues that require immediate response, call library staff at 605-582-2390 between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. to speak with staff or leave a message. 

For questions or concerns that don’t need an immediate response, you can email the library directly at library.ask@siouxfalls.org.

Will staff be available during Expanded Access hours?

There won't be librarians on duty during Expanded Access hours, but they are available during regular staffed hours to offer the same services you know and love.

Once signed up, will customers be able to use the service immediately?

Yes, the service is available immediately upon registration and the completion of training.

What if an Expanded Access card is lost?

Report the loss of an access card to staff as soon as possible. Contact us in-person at a library branch, email library.ask@siouxfalls.gov, or call 605-582-2390. There is a $5 charge for a replacement card.

Which locations offer Expanded Access?

  • Baltic 

  • Colton 

  • Crooks 

  • Garretson 

  • Hartford 

  • Humboldt

Can all Expanded Access locations be accessed with one key card?

Customers who signed up for the service prior to July 2024 will need to ask that all locations be added to their accounts. Those registering for the service after July 1, 2024 will be able to access all branches that offer Expanded Access with their key card.

What library services are available during Expanded Access hours?

Everything you can do during regular library hours except see a librarian in the branch.  

For example: 

  • Browse the shelves and materials
  • Pick up holds you've placed online
  • Use the library computers and Wi-Fi
  • Enjoy the library space for quiet study or work
  • Use play spaces and toys