Siouxland Libraries Strategic Plan

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Strategic Planning Mission and Goals: 

Siouxland Libraries’ mission is to connect you to ideas and information to enrich your life. In November 2021, library leadership and the Library Board of Trustees began the strategic planning process to position the library to proactively provide service that meets the changing needs of the community. The plan sets out to answer three key questions:

  1. What does the community want?
  2. Where do we want to go and how do we get there?
  3. How can we innovate to best serve the community?

Strategic Planning Process - Four phases:

In Phase One, we are gathering data – data about the library, the buildings, the community we serve, the organizations we partner with.

In Phase Two, we are gathering community input through an Online Survey and Focus Group Meetings. Through this input, we will gather feedback on current library services and ideas for how the library can better serve both those who are using the library and those who aren’t. If you would like to be considered for one of the focus groups, be sure to indicate that in the survey above.

In Phase Three, we will analyze what we have learned and benchmark our library with best practices, and then began drafting our strategic plan.

In Phase Four, we will prepare and deliver the final strategic plan to the Library Board of Trustees and the community.

Our final report will be ready in May and will provide the framework for how the library serves the community for the next five years.

Library Planning Committee Members:

Library Director -- Jodi Fick
Library Board of Trustees President -- Lori Hogstad
Library Board of Trustees Vice-President -- Joel Rosenthal
Library Assistant Director -- Monique Christensen
Senior Librarian for Technology and Communications -- Alysia Boysen
Librarian -- Lucy Steiger
Library Associate -- Jean Crawford
City of Sioux Falls Financial Analyst --  Amber Gibson
City of Sioux Falls Civic Analytics Manager -- Lauri Sohl