Sewer Collection Team

The Sanitary Sewer Collection Team is responsible for the operation, maintenance, and inspection of 832 miles of public gravity sewer and force mains and 20 lift stations.

Maintenance of the sanitary sewer lines consists of cleaning the lines with high pressure water flushed through the lines. • Over 1,301,000 feet of sanitary sewer lines are cleaned for preventive maintenance annually

Inspection of the sanitary sewer lines consists of placing a wheeled camera into the line and videoing the line to ensure it is free of defects. • Over 219,000 feet of sanitary sewer is inspected (televised) annually

The Storm Water Collection unit is responsible for the cleaning and inspection of the storm water pipe and inlets. The City has over 419 miles of storm water pipe.

  • Over 2,900 inlets are inspected and cleaned annually 
  • Over 404,720 feet of storm water pipe is inspected and cleaned annually
  • Over 109,000 feet of storm water pipe is televised annually