Future Planning

The Planning office works closely with the Engineering office to determine where and when services will be likely to be expanding or available. Some of the major groups that Planning work with are:

Future Planning referees to a wide variety of projects that provide planning for a time period to exceed the five year Capital Improvements Project (CIP) timeline. These projects can be very specific in subject or very broad (such as a specific site plan or a citywide plan). 

One of the most difficult things about providing future planning is updating plans on a regular bases in accordance with new information that becomes available at different time intervals. Things change over years from where building and annexations have occurred to the individual plans from other departments based on changing needs and/or available financing. Plans are a great tool, but over time they can become outdated and updates are needed, but limited information and/or staff time can make those update hard to keep regularly updated.


Senior Planner 
  Sam Trebilcock
  Direct Line: 605-367-8890
  Email: STrebilcock@siouxfalls.org

Planning Projects Coordinator
  Jeff Schmitt
  Direct Phone: (605) 367-8891
  Email: jschmitt@SIOUXFALLS.org