Planning & Development Services

Online Tools

Customer Self Service

CSS allows residents and contractors to file and access plans, permits, inspections, and code enforcement cases online.

(New accounts need to be verified, which can take up to 24 hours)

Neighborhood Connect

Neighborhood Connect allows residents to see any active permits, rezonings, or code cases on an interactive map.

Custom, location-based alerts are available with a free user account.

Parcel Finder

Parcel Finder allows residents to quickly access the most current information about owned property across Sioux Falls.


Contribute towards shaping Sioux Falls as a community of choice that is guided by innovative plans and policies, and land use requirements which are clearly defined and reasonable. Facilitate minimum life safety standards for building projects through a customer-service focused plan review, permitting and inspection function.


Planning and Development Services is responsible for managing the orderly development of Sioux Falls and overseeing the protection of property along with ensuring public safety in building construction and maintenance.