Statistics Show Crime Remains Low in Sioux Falls, Creating Safe Community for Residents

Sioux Falls, South Dakota: In 2023, crime in Sioux Falls has generally remained consistent compared to previous years. Most major crime categories, including rapes, domestic assaults, robberies, and thefts, saw either a drop in reported crime or stayed relatively flat compared to previous years. One notable exception is the increase in aggravated assaults reported from January to August of this year. So far this year, there is a 14 percent increase in crimes where either a weapon was used or threatened, or an assault happened that resulted in serious injury.


“It’s troubling to see the increase in aggravated assault cases. We know part of the increase is directly related to people being more comfortable using a weapon when committing crime,” said Chief Jon Thum. “Sometimes the weapons used are illegally obtained and limiting the access to stolen weapons can help to reduce this type of crime. As our community grows, we strive to continue building positive relationships with those we serve.”


Another increase was found with the number of stolen vehicles in Sioux Falls. The vast majority of stolen vehicles had keys left inside, making vehicles an easy target for criminals. A new upcoming public service campaign focusing on unlocked vehicles aims to help reduce this preventable crime.


Through August this year, the quantity of illicit drugs in Sioux Falls has nearly matched yearly totals from 2022. There are many crimes that surround illegal drugs, including theft, robbery, and assaults. Even with the large amount of drugs seized to date, drug overdoses (including fatal overdoses) have declined so far this year. Education and prevention play a crucial role in helping people overcome drug addiction. The Sioux Falls Area Drug Task Force focuses on identifying those responsible for the supply and distribution of illicit drugs in the Sioux Falls area, making a positive difference in the community.


“The statistics presented so far in 2023 show Sioux Falls continues to be a safe place to live, work, and thrive, even as we grow. This does not happen by accident,” said Mayor Paul TenHaken. “It takes a collaborative One Sioux Falls effort, and I’m proud of the work of our Sioux Falls Police Department every day, strengthening trust with our residents while bolstering partnerships in our community.”

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