Minnehaha County and City of Sioux Falls Announce Intent to Restructure Metro Communications

Sioux Falls, South Dakota: As the chair of the Metro Management Council, Mayor Paul TenHaken announced today the intent to restructure Metro Communications. The proposed restructure transfers the organization to a newly created office within the City of Sioux Falls.

“As Minnehaha County has grown in population and Sioux Falls’ footprint has grown along with its population, Metro Communications has adapted to maintain outstanding services for the communities it serves,” said Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken. “The restructure of this organization lays the groundwork for Metro Communications to continue to adapt as the region grows and the team prepares to move into its new home at the Public Safety Campus this fall.” 

Metro Communications is the first link between the public and first responders to provide emergency dispatch services. The team answers more than 400,000 calls per year, serving the City of Sioux Falls, the City of Brandon, Minnehaha County Sheriff, local law enforcement, and all Minnehaha County fire departments and ambulance service providers. 

The organization is currently governed by a Metro Management Council, which includes the Sioux Falls Mayor, two Minnehaha County Commissioners, and two Sioux Falls City Councilors. With the intended restructure, this Council will transition to an Executive Committee and will add the Minnehaha County Sheriff, Sioux Falls Police Chief, and Sioux Falls Fire Rescue Chief. 

“Over the years, Metro Communications has adjusted well to changes in leadership, structure, and operations. This restructure to the City of Sioux Falls will provide stability to the employees and continue to ensure the highest quality, integrated emergency communications services to those they serve,” said Gerald Beninga, Minnehaha County Commissioner. “We are looking forward to this next chapter for Metro Communications.” 

The restructure will not interrupt operations. Communities that receive Metro Communications services can expect the same level of service they currently receive. 

A new Joint Powers Agreement will be brought to the Joint City Council and Minnehaha County Commission Meeting on September 26 for the Councilors' and Commissioners' consideration. If approved, this will finalize the transition of Metro Communications to restructure under the City of Sioux Falls. The new Joint Powers Agreement would not go into effect until January 1, 2024.

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