Reminder to Residents: Free Landfill Pass Usable Through December

The City of Sioux Falls is reminding residents they have until December 31 this year to use their free pass to the Sioux Falls Regional Sanitary Landfill. The free passes went paperless this spring and allow one complimentary trip to the landfill per household address. Until this year, paper passes were distributed and those had expired in September.

“With the former pass system, we would get a significant influx of residents to the Landfill every September so they could use their pass before it expired,” said Don Kuper, Landfill Superintendent. “One of the primary changes we made to the program, outside of it going paperless, was the transition to the passes being redeemable throughout the year. Switching to a calendar year is more convenient for everyone.”

The new free pass system allows City staff to scan Sioux Falls residents’ driver’s licenses or state IDs at the Landfill in lieu of the City mailing postcards every year that served as the free passes. While the pass itself changed, the program remains the same: one load per household address. Because of the City’s new software, residents living in multi-family housing like apartments now are eligible to use a free pass. Previously, only residents who received a City utility bill received a postcard pass.

The program now follows a calendar year for residents to redeem their free pass. In 2024 and beyond, passes will be redeemable on a calendar year basis, resetting every January 1.

For residents who have moved or have a driver’s license or state ID that does not match their current address, they can bring in a piece of mail to confirm their current address. Examples of qualifying mail include a utility bill, pay stub, or rent receipt. Mail must match the name on the driver’s license or state ID, and be less than three months old and be printed (not handwritten).

Important reminders when planning a trip to the landfill:

  • Tarp or tie-downs are required. Loads that are not properly secured will be assessed a $25 fee.
  • The landfill accepts:
    • Construction/demolition debris
    • Furniture
    • Appliances
    • Mattresses/box springs (limit total of two pieces of any combination)
    • Yard waste/trees/brush (no ash wood)
    • Tires (no rims, limit four, and 20 inches wheel diameter or less)
  • The landfill does not accept:
    • Hazardous waste and electronics. These items can be dropped off at the City’s Household Hazardous Waste Facility (1015 E. Chambers St.). This facility serves residents, not businesses or institutions. Drop-off is free.
      Products that contain words like “caution,” “warning,” “danger,” or “flammable” on the label likely contain hazardous material. They may be corrosive, caustic, reactive, flammable, or toxic. Visit for details.
    • Ash tree wood, logs, or branches. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, ash wood cannot be moved/disposed of in the Emerald Ash Borer Quarantine area.
  • Check the recycling guide. Some items may be acceptable to recycle instead. Visit

For additional free pass information and frequently asked questions, visit

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