Sioux Falls Police Department Looking for New Officers to Make a Difference in the Community

Sioux Falls, South Dakota: The Sioux Falls Police Department (SFPD) is looking for new officers to serve and make a difference in our community. The hiring process takes several months, so the department is accepting applications for the next hiring class in November 2023. Police officers at the SFPD enjoy excellent pay and benefits, opportunities for advancement into more than 20 specialty units, and unmatched support from our community and local government.

“Although a strong class of 15 officer recruits will begin their career journey at the police academy next week, police recruitment never really stops,” said Captain Jon Lohr. “As the Sioux Falls metro area continues to attract a growing population and record-breaking tourism, our team is always working to attract candidates who ensure we maintain adequate staffing and continue to partner with the community to serve, protect, and promote quality of life.”

New hires and current officers at the department will enjoy top-of-the-line training at the new Public Safety Campus, set to open in fall 2023. This is an unprecedented investment in the community’s public safety teams that will encourage innovative partnerships between police, fire, and dispatch staff. Additionally, SFPD boasts a wellness program that helps officers prioritize their mental, physical, and cultural well-being.

The basic qualifications to become an officer with SFPD are to be a U.S. citizen, have or be able to obtain a U.S. driver’s license, be between 21–44 years of age, and have no felony charges. Further qualifications include an associate degree or at least 60 semester hours of college credits from an accredited institution; or two years of certified law enforcement experience; or two years of military experience; or any such combination of education, experience, and training as may be acceptable to the hiring authority.

The department looks forward to connecting with motivated individuals who want to make an impact on the community every day of their careers. SFPD welcomes you, or someone you know, to join our next class. Learn more and apply today at

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