Express Parking Zones to be Added to Downtown Sioux Falls

Starting this week, the City of Sioux Falls will install express parking zones in downtown. The 15-minute express zones will be positioned adjacent to Phillips Avenue on Tenth, 11th, and 12th Streets. The zones replace a combination of commercial load zones, taxi zones, former 20-minute carry-out spaces, and meters. These express zones can be utilized by all users for deliveries, pick up, loading, unloading, and rideshare use without the need for commercial signage or plates.

“The City of Sioux Falls partnered with the Public Parking Advisory Board, Downtown Sioux Falls (DTSF), and downtown businesses on this recommendation of express parking zones,” said Matt Nelson, Public Parking Facilities Manager. “We continue to look at different ways to balance business and customer needs in downtown Sioux Falls and look forward to watching the impact of these new zones for users.”

Unless a user is actively unloading or loading freight, when a vehicle is parked in an express parking zone, they should use their flashing lights and limit their stay to 15 minutes. Approximately 20 spaces will be dedicated to the express zones in seven locations near intersections on Phillips Avenue.

“As downtown continues to grow, collaboration and innovation will be increasingly important to help guide the success of our region’s economic and cultural hub,” said Joe Batcheller, president of DTSF, Inc. “These pick-up and drop-off zones are a great example of working together and thinking differently so that downtown continues to thrive.”

Several of the parking spaces converted to carry-out zones in early 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic will be converted back to metered parking. The City of Sioux Falls converted about 30 parking spaces to 20-minute carry-out zones to help small businesses in a trying time, which provided a safe pick-up option for customers. The City of Sioux Falls has seen parking meter usage return to pre-COVID levels. Metered parking will better serve the current demand for parking in our downtown core.

Express Parking sign example

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