City of Sioux Falls Launches Snow Plow Progress Tracker

The City of Sioux Falls has launched a new tool for residents that will allow them to track which streets have been plowed in the city.

The City’s Civic Analytics team collaborated with the Street division for this initiative. When a snow alert is called in the City of Sioux Falls, a map showing all three zones is activated on the City’s website at This map will only be updated when a snow alert has been issued and the Street division plans to plow streets.

Streets will light up in different colors based on whether or not they have been fully plowed (green), are currently being plowed (yellow), or have not been plowed at all (red). Residents can search their address to find their zone and browse the streets in their neighborhood. The Civic Analytics team is tracking the data through devices that have been placed on the bottom of the sanders and motor graders. Those trackers are relaying the information to the map virtually, giving residents timely information of when their streets are plowed.

“This was a true ‘One Sioux Falls’ effort to make this innovative tool available to residents,” said Dustin Hansen, Street Operations Manager for the City of Sioux Falls. “The Street team has been testing the devices in previous snow alerts and working alongside the Civic Analytics team to work out the glitches. The more data we can provide to residents, the better equipped they will be.”

The snow alert tracker will only be available when a snow alert is issued. Residents should follow parking restrictions on the issued snow alert in the event plow drivers are in the area before the status has changed on the map.

Residents can find the snow alert tracker at

Screenshot of snow progress tracker

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