Ordinances Related to Addresses and Street Naming

These are summaries of City ordinances related to addressing or street names.  Click on each link to see the full ordinance.

  • 96.140 Even/Odd Designation:  Buildings on the east or north side of any street or avenue shall be given EVEN numbers, and the buildings on the west or south side thereof shall be given ODD numbers.

  • 96.141 Central Point of the Address Grid:  All buildings on the streets and avenues of the city shall be numbered, commencing from Phillips Avenue and Ninth Street, and shall be numbered north, south, east and west from Phillips Avenue and Ninth Street, as the case may be, as far as the streets or avenues may be extended.

    Each block out from this central point will be numbered starting at 100, and increasing by increments of 100 per block using the appropriate pre-direction.

  • 96.147 Specifications for Numbering Signage:  Each numeral of the street number displayed shall not be less than two inches in width and not less than four inches in height. The street number shall be so located on the structure on a contrasting background so that it is clearly visible from the street, which may require a larger size than the minimum requirements. Multi-building campus/complexes shall provide signage at the entrance to the campus/complex to indicate the address ranges within.

  • 157.113 Streets System, article (h), Continuation of street names: Streets obviously in alignment with existing streets shall bear the names of those same streets.

  • 157.113 Streets System, article (i), Street naming criteria: No street names shall be used that will duplicate, be the same in spelling or alike in pronunciation with any other existing streets. All street names shall indicate directions either north, south, east, or west. All street names should be kept as short as possible to permit signs to be no longer than 36 inches. 

    Note: This length restriction means street names should be no longer than 13 characters (including spaces).