Adding or Changing Addresses

  • If you wish to change your address, or request an additional address, please contact the GIS Office via email at Please provide the following information:
    • Name of property owner
    • Name of authorized agent, if requesting on behalf of the property owner
    • Owner’s mailing address
    • Owner’s phone number
    • Owner’s email address
    • Existing property or building address to be changed
    • Reason for requesting an address change

City staff will evaluate the proposed change and respond accordingly. There is no fee for changing or adding an address, but you must be the property owner or an authorized agent thereof to submit a request.

The City of Sioux Falls reserves the right to change a parcel or building address in the following situations:

  • When streets are renamed.
  • When streets are realigned or vacated, so that a building no longer has access to the addressed street.
    • If a street segment is vacated by City Council resolution, any addresses assigned to that vacated segment shall no longer be used. Structures or properties remaining along vacated streets shall be re-addressed to an accessible active street segment.
  • When existing buildings with 5-digit rural addresses are annexed into city limits.
    • These addresses will be reassigned a 3- or 4-digit address conforming to City standards
  • When address numbers are duplicated, out of sequence, or otherwise non-conforming to City ordinance.
  • At the request of the property owner, with City approval (see above).

When an address is changed, written notification will be provided by the GIS Office to the property owner. The GIS Office will also notify various City and County agencies, post offices, and utility companies to update their records. However, this does not substitute for the property owner contacting utility companies to switch their service account information.