What can I do to start an investigation?
The public may report a concern online through the See Click Fix Application

What information will you need from me?
Please be prepared to provide a description of the problem including the address where it exists.  The See Click Fix app allows you to report the problem anonymously and will only ask for your contact information if you want us to contact you.   

How can I get more information about the investigation surrounding my report of a concern?
If the investigation results in a code case, you can find the case information via Customer Self Service (CSS).  The public information including the case number, case type, and case status is available anytime through the Customer Self Service (CSS).   

What will be done to correct the problem?
City staff will:

  • Conduct an initial inspection. Consult with other City departments and/or other inspection divisions if necessary.
  • If lack of code compliance is found to be valid, notify the responsible party of what action needs to be taken to abate the problem and a time frame to gain compliance.
  • Follow through with due process of law if compliance does not occur.