City-Owned Land for Sale

The Planning and Development Services Department identifies City-owned real estate located in desired areas of redevelopment for purchase through the following process:

Negotiated Sales

The Negotiated Sale program enables qualified individuals or entities to purchase vacant or improved properties that are owned by the City. The value of the property is established by a market value appraisal prepared by an independent appraiser that's hired and compensated by the City. To make an offer through the negotiated sale process, an Application shall be filled out, and submitted with a site plan, preliminary building elevations or building renderings, and detailed scope of work.

Program Overview

Application Form

Available Real Estate

The following properties are available through the negotiated sale process:

Parking Structure Property – Downtown

This development site is positioned on a highly visible arterial road in the heart of downtown Sioux Falls, just off Phillips Avenue. This opportunity offers a unique opportunity for visibility, density, parking access and site readiness.

Rail Yard Property – Downtown

The approximately 10-acre redevelopment site, formerly a switching yard operated by the BNSF Railway and predecessor railroads represents a unique opportunity to continue the emergence of downtown Sioux Falls 

301 North Main Avenue - Downtown

The 1-acre redevelopment site sits in downtown Sioux Falls. This site offers a tremendous opportunity for redevelopment only a few blocks from the main activity center in downtown Sioux Falls.