Supplies, Materials, & Services - Notice to Bidders

The City of Sioux Falls utilizes Bonfire as its electronic procurement platform for supplies, materials, and services. For a listing of current procurement opportunities, to register as a Supplier, or to submit bids electronically, please visit Bonfire. If you have questions regarding the bidding process with Bonfire, please visit our FAQs section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to be a supplier for the City. What is the first step?
The very first step to become a supplier (also known as vendor) is to register your business on Bonfire. Once you register, you will start receiving notifications for Bids and Solicitations.
What is Bonfire?
Bonfire is our solicitation portal; It is where the City of Sioux Falls posts bids and solicitations opportunities.
How do I register to receive notices of bidding opportunities in Bonfire?
To ensure you receive the proper notices, include all commodity codes related to your business.
How do I find out who was awarded a project after a solicitation has closed?
The Bid tab will be posted on the solicitation in Bonfire.

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