• American Rhetoric
    Database of more than 5,000 full-text speeches, declarations, debates and other significant media events in history. With audio. (www.americanrhetoric.com)
  • America's Historical Documents
    Important documents from US History, such as the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, with background information. (www.archives.gov/historical-docs)
  • Best of History Web Sites
    Annotated links for thousands of history sites by time period.  (www.besthistorysites.net)
  • Biography.com
    Online biographies from the A&E channel, with over 25,000 brief profiles of notable people. (www.biography.com)
  • PBS History
    Spotlight on different history topics, with articles and video, from the Public Broadcasting Service.
  • Today in History
    Significant moments in history from Newspaper Archive. (http://newspaperarchive.com/DailyPerspectiveFullView.aspx)
  • Year by Year Almanac
    Almanac of significant events and people for each year in history. (www.infoplease.com/yearbyyear.html)