Exhibit and Display Policy

To request exhibit space, call Information Services at 605-367-8700 regarding available times, space, and for coordination of displays.

Exhibit and Display Policy

  1. Siouxland Libraries provides space for exhibits of an educational, cultural, civic, charitable, or recreational nature, not for advertising for commercial enterprises nor for exhibits designed to serve a specific candidate, campaigns, or parties. Library exhibit spaces may also be used for exhibits and displays prepared by the Library, or any ancillary library group, or other library-related organizations.

  2. Siouxland Libraries has adopted the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights and its numerous interpretations. In accordance with this document, display and exhibit spaces at all library locations are made available on an equitable basis, regardless of the belief or affiliation of groups requesting their use, within the parameters stated in section number 1.

  3. Siouxland Libraries endeavors to present a broad spectrum of opinion and viewpoints. The Library does not endorse the beliefs or viewpoints of topics which may be the subject of exhibits or displays within the library.

  4. The Library is a public institution visited by people of all ages. Therefore works selected for exhibit have to be appropriate for exhibit for all ages and in keeping with the Library’s role as a public institution. The Library shall have the final decision on the arrangement and selection of all exhibits and displays. The Library reserves the right to reject any part of an exhibit or change the manner of display.

  5. No admission fee will be charged for any exhibit in any library facility.

  6. Application for use of exhibit and display space will be honored on a first-come basis. Use of display space by an individual or organization will be limited to four weeks per calendar year. Organizations or individuals from Sioux Falls and Minnehaha County will be given first priority.

  7. Organizations or individuals wishing to have an exhibit at any location of Siouxland Libraries must present the items they wish to exhibit to the Siouxland Libraries Exhibit Committee for approval. Photographs or digital images are acceptable. A committee member will be designated as the primary exhibit coordinator, who will serve as the point of contact for those wishing to place exhibits. The director of Siouxland Libraries reserves the right of final approval of any recommendations of the committee.

  8. The exhibit or display will include a clearly visible sign identifying the individual or group responsible for the exhibit. In addition, a brief, typed biography needs to accompany each exhibit describing the background, philosophy, and purpose of the individual or group. All title cards and labels are to be prepared in advance by the exhibitor.

  9. The Library may elect to publicize exhibits through regular channels; however, exhibits will not be publicized in a manner which suggests Library sponsorship or affiliation. Any publicity developed by the exhibitor must be submitted for Library review and approval prior to dissemination.

  10. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to set up and remove the exhibit, including appropriate display labels. All displays and exhibits must be set up and removed with as little interference as possible to the daily operations of the Library. No changes may be made to the exhibit once it is installed.

  11. The individual or organization sponsoring the exhibit will be responsible for paying any damage that occurs to library property as a result of setting up or dismantling the exhibit.

  12. The Library assumes no responsibility for the security or safety of materials exhibited or displayed in any of the library locations. Each exhibitor, whether an individual or group, is responsible for insurance coverage of the exhibit. Neither Siouxland Libraries, nor the City of Sioux Falls, offers insurance protection for exhibits or displays in any Siouxland Libraries facility.

  13. The person or designated individual representing the organization sponsoring the exhibit must sign an acknowledgement indicating that he/she has read and understands the Library’s exhibit and display policy.

  14. The Library Board of Trustees directs that any concerns the public may have regarding any exhibit or display in any Siouxland Libraries location be directed to the Library Director’s attention. In their adoption of the exhibit and display policy, the Board of Trustees has delegated the approval of displays and exhibits to the Library Director and his/her staff, and supports the Library Director in his/her exercise of that responsibility. The Board will hear concerns only if the library customer feels that the decision of the Library Director is not supported by the Exhibits and Displays policy, and then only if they feel it is necessary to study the decision more closely.