Teen Art Contest 2023

Congratulations to this year's winners of the Teen Art Contest!


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Best in Show: Ghost in a Field by Elizabeth B

People’s Choice: Emotional Identity by Erin Z

Grades 10-12

First Place: Ghost in a Field by Elizabeth B

Second Place: Might of the Pen by Brady R

Third Place: Resting Pear by Hannah D

Grades 8-9

First Place: Terrifier, Art the Clown by Kashmir M

Second Place: Water War by Penelope V

Third Place: The Wise Sun by Majesta Y

Grades 6-7

First Place: Lost Control by Juniper J

Second Place: Cherry Scented Night by Bethany W

Third Place: Women Behind the Doors by by Sophia Z


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For any questions, email TeenLibContest@siouxfalls.org or call Siouxland Libraries at 605-367-8700.

Past Contest Winners

Best in Show: “Daffodil” by Ren B. 

People's Choice: "Moonlit" by Rylee G.

Grades 10-12: 

  First Place: “Daffodil” by Ren B.
  Second Place: "Marblehead" by Elie L.
  Third Place: "Sisters Build Friendships" by Ella R.

Grades 8-9:

  First Place: "Two Evil Eyes" by Hannah G.
  Second Place: "Imagination" by Lucy H.
  Third Place: "Women's Best Friend" by McKaylee D.

Grades 6-7:

  First Place: "Simply Egg" by Sawyer H.
  Second Place: "Mold Into Air" by Rose H.
  Third Place: "Neograph Cat" by Claire E. 


See the 2022 participant gallery here.

Best in Show: “Pandemos” by Ella R.

Grades 10-12

First place: “Pandemos” by Ella R.

Second place: “The one who sees all” by Ava G.

Third place: “Petrichor” by Ana A.

Grades 8-9

First place: “Remember me” by Keturah W.

Second place: “I’m A Little Teapot” by Sadiee W.

Third place: “hundimiento” by Keylin F.

Grades 6-7

First place: “Sunsets in Maine” by Katelyn S.

Second place: “Happy Father’s Day” by Daniella V.

Third place: “Portrait of a Star” by Griffin S.


Best in Show: “playing dress up” by Amy L.

Grades 6-7

First Place: “Lost in Thought” by Nanami C.

Second Place: “Chocolate Covered Strawberry” by Ivy P.

Third Place: “Sunset on the Prairie” by Katelyn S.

Grades 8-9

First Place: “Fire Sunset” by Nolan E.

Second Place: “Elli” by Elliana W.

Third Place: “The Naayaab Bee” by Jackie K.

Grades 10-12

First Place: “playing dress up” by Amy L.

Second Place: “Sapphire Gaze” by Hannah H.

Third Place: “Freeze Frame: by Kaitlyn G.

Best in Show: “Vermilion Skies” by Maia O.

Grades 6-7:

            First Place: “Donnie Boy” by Ava G.

            Second Place: “Pelicans” by Makayla S.

            Third Place: “Woman and Son Looking Out” by Olivia S.

Grades 8-9:

            First Place: “Wonderland” by Amy L.

            Second Place: “Things That Made Me, Me” by Elliana W.

            Third Place: “Missing” by Savanna W.

Grades 10-12:

            First Place: “Gift of the Daughter of Nature” by Ashley G.

            Second Place: “Rosebud” by Rachel J.

            Third Place: “Rabbit” by Addison J.