Teen Art Contest 2022

Siouxland Libraries invites teens to imagine, design, and create an original piece of artwork for its 2022 Teen Art Contest. Teens may submit artwork in any medium on any subject—feel free to get creative with supplies! Content must be rated “G” in order to be accepted. Only one entry per person will be accepted.

Participants must be in grades 6 through 12 (in the 2021-2022 school year). All teens are invited to participate; however, to be eligible for awards and prizes, participants must live within Siouxland Libraries’ service area. Prizes must be picked up in-person.

To Enter: Submit a photo of your artwork through this online entry form. Artwork will be judged and displayed by its photograph, so please use good lighting and focus. Entries are due by 5pm on Monday, June 20th.

By submitting your artwork, you agree to the following:

  • Submission of artwork grants Siouxland Libraries the right to share images of artwork on its website, virtual gallery, social media pages, and with our sponsors.
  • Entries must be original artwork. Any form of plagiarism will result in immediate disqualification.
  • Siouxland Libraries does not guarantee that all artwork will be displayed in the Downtown Library Art Exhibit, depending on our limited space.
    • Siouxland Libraries cannot assume responsibility beyond the normal precautions for artwork displayed in the Downtown Library Teen Art Exhibit. Art is left at the library at your own risk.
    • Artwork must be picked up by August 5th or it will be disposed of, unless other arrangements are made.

Art Exhibit: Artwork will be displayed at the Downtown Library July 1st through July 31st. Participants must drop off their artwork at the Downtown Library no later than June 27th to be included in the art exhibit. Please bring artwork that is ready to hang/display; artists are responsible for bringing any necessary display materials (frames with hanging wire, pedestals, easels, etc.).

Art Show: A formal invitation will be sent to all contest participants to attend an in-person Art Show scheduled for Friday, July 15th from 6:30-7:30 p.m. at the Downtown Library (200 North Dakota Ave.).

Awards: First-, second- and third-place winners will be selected from three age groups: 6th-7th grade, 8th- 9th grade, and 10th-12th grade. Winners will be determined by a panel of local artists.

  • Best of Show Award: Deluxe Art Kit (value $150) sponsored by Piper Arts Logo.
  • First-place winners will each receive a $25 gift certificate from Michaels, and an art bundle in the medium of choice sponsored by Piper Arts Logo.
  • Second- and third-place winners will each receive $25 gift certificates from Michaels.
  • People’s Choice Award: To be awarded at the Art Show, a $25 gift certificate to Hobby Lobby.
  • Contestants will be entered into a raffle for door prizes, including but not limited to:
    • Sketch book with charcoal pencils
    • Mixed Media sketch book and water color dual brush pens
    • Oil paint, acrylic paint, and assortment of blank canvases


For any questions, email TeenLibContest@siouxfalls.org or call Siouxland Libraries at 605-367-8700.

Past Contest Winners

Best in Show: “Daffodil” by Ren B. 

People's Choice: "Moonlit" by Rylee G.

Grades 10-12: 

  First Place: “Daffodil” by Ren B.
  Second Place: "Marblehead" by Elie L.
  Third Place: "Sisters Build Friendships" by Ella R.

Grades 8-9:

  First Place: "Two Evil Eyes" by Hannah G.
  Second Place: "Imagination" by Lucy H.
  Third Place: "Women's Best Friend" by McKaylee D.

Grades 6-7:

  First Place: "Simply Egg" by Sawyer H.
  Second Place: "Mold Into Air" by Rose H.
  Third Place: "Neograph Cat" by Claire E. 


See the 2022 participant gallery here.

Best in Show: “Pandemos” by Ella R.

Grades 10-12

First place: “Pandemos” by Ella R.

Second place: “The one who sees all” by Ava G.

Third place: “Petrichor” by Ana A.

Grades 8-9

First place: “Remember me” by Keturah W.

Second place: “I’m A Little Teapot” by Sadiee W.

Third place: “hundimiento” by Keylin F.

Grades 6-7

First place: “Sunsets in Maine” by Katelyn S.

Second place: “Happy Father’s Day” by Daniella V.

Third place: “Portrait of a Star” by Griffin S.


Best in Show: “playing dress up” by Amy L.

Grades 6-7

First Place: “Lost in Thought” by Nanami C.

Second Place: “Chocolate Covered Strawberry” by Ivy P.

Third Place: “Sunset on the Prairie” by Katelyn S.

Grades 8-9

First Place: “Fire Sunset” by Nolan E.

Second Place: “Elli” by Elliana W.

Third Place: “The Naayaab Bee” by Jackie K.

Grades 10-12

First Place: “playing dress up” by Amy L.

Second Place: “Sapphire Gaze” by Hannah H.

Third Place: “Freeze Frame: by Kaitlyn G.

Best in Show: “Vermilion Skies” by Maia O.

Grades 6-7:

            First Place: “Donnie Boy” by Ava G.

            Second Place: “Pelicans” by Makayla S.

            Third Place: “Woman and Son Looking Out” by Olivia S.

Grades 8-9:

            First Place: “Wonderland” by Amy L.

            Second Place: “Things That Made Me, Me” by Elliana W.

            Third Place: “Missing” by Savanna W.

Grades 10-12:

            First Place: “Gift of the Daughter of Nature” by Ashley G.

            Second Place: “Rosebud” by Rachel J.

            Third Place: “Rabbit” by Addison J.